Bud came to us as a foster via Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, via St. Catharines Humane Society. It takes a village!

He was surrendered due to his ‘boorish’ destructive ways, I’m sure. I need to take this educational moment: if you do not neuter your potbelly pig they will become an unmanageable ass upon maturity. There is a reason the term, ‘boorish’ exists!

Between his need to ‘find a lady friend’, his freakish intelligence and his frustration in mourning his family and being in a strange place, Bud was a destructive, Houdini-esque, upset force to be reckoned with!

Thankfully, as with most animals, if proper care, vetting, environment and patience is provided they will blossom! Bud is no longer a ‘stud’ and happier for it. It cleared his mind to concentrate on important things like dinner, belly rubs and making new friends!

He was accepted by Bert and Ernie into the piggy pack and bedtime snuggle pile. He quickly realized he was in piggy paradise and calmed right down! Since he didn’t need a separate stall or pasture, of course he could stay.