The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary

Hay There

Welcome To TAMS

We are an animal sanctuary located in Wainfleet, Ontario. With the help of sponsors, volunteers and donors, we are able to rescue, rehabilitate and provide forever sanctuary to animals in need.

Our Registered charity status number is 774918486RR0001

Our Canada not-for-profit Corporation number is 1058908-0

We need your help…

…we can’t do it alone

You can help our current and future critters by volunteering, donating or sponsoring an animal. If you’re unable to do those, please share with your fellow animal lovers.

Featured Menagerie Residents



  • Eligh
  • Fable
  • Being a princess
  • Carrots and apples
  • Being groomed (Diva Spa Treatments)


  • Being treated like a farm animal
  • Those that dare turn their back on nobility
  • Waiting for anything, ever
  • Winston, he’s uncouth



  • Satan the Rooster
  • Ernie the pig – she jumps on his back!
  • Strawberries
  • Digging holes in Leisa’s garden, dust bathing in holes, sun bathing in holes


  • Kale
  • Leisa screeching about her garden
  • Anyone trying to pick her up



  • Routine
  • Carrots
  • Laura
  • Being nosy!


  • The Ferrier (ok, hates)
  • When dinner is late



  • being fed


  • everything else



  • His unrequited love, Laura the Donkey
  • Bananas
  • Climbing anything
  • Evergreen boughs
  • Ramming things
  • Farmer John (they have a Bromance)
  • Being scratched behind the ears


  • Doors (his destruction specialty)
  • Walking around anything (through is faster)
  • People in his pasture. John or I will get a gentle warning ram. Others, he will swoop his head and attempt to lift them by the crotch with his horns!

Bert + Ernie


  • Food, food, food
  • Pumpkins
  • Making straw and blanket beds
  • Sleeping in straw and blanket beds
  • Napping in Leisa’s garden and squishing her plants even though it drives her crazy
  • Sneaking down the driveway to get fallen apples even though It makes Leisa crazy
  • Digging up the front lawn even though Leisa gets crazy
  • Laughing at Leisa being crazy


  • Snow
  • Getting disturbed while napping
  • Getting tricked out of bed without some serious treats involved



  • Laura (he’s smitten!)
  • People
  • Guarding his pasture
  • Running off to visit his neighbour cows across the field
  • Getting filthy while rolling in mud
  • Chasing frogs back into the pond
  • Taking care of foster kittens
  • Walks with Farmer John
  • Snoozing in a blizzard


  • Any form of training
  • Ernie the pig
  • Geese flying overhead
  • Working after dinner
  • Baths



  • Having her twins by her side
  • Having her beard brushed
  • Having Winston’s protection
  • Making a huge mess with her girls
  • Carrots and pumpkins
  • Anything edible, really!


  • When Winston’s being a jerk
  • Being stuck inside while her kids drive her crazy on ‘snow’ days
  • Being pulled from the pasture for eating too much
  • Waiting to be let out of her stall
  • Watermelon
  • Wearing her coat



  • Belly rubs. LOVES. Bud has belly rub narcolepsy. 2.5 seconds on he is snoring in heaven

  • Bert and Ernie. At first he was like the annoying little brother, but he’s winning them over

  • Snoring

  • Scratches behind the ears

  • Visitors – more scratches and snacks!

  • Being a champion rooter, my property is destroyed!

  • Rubbing through Leisa’s legs like a cat

  • Trying to escape the farm to the beach!


  • The bad awful vet!!!

  • Chickens stealing his rice and lentils

  • Leisa shoving his butt back up the driveway

  • The JEEP honking and chasing him back inside his boundaries when all he was trying to do was have a nice beach outing!



  • His Queen, Chattel
  • Fiercely protecting his hens 
  • Grapes
  • Alerting us to any unusual activity


  • Anyone and anything that isn’t a hen!